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Kevin Harrington

“The Elev8™ Team consists of an unprecedented quality of training and mentors sharing their systems of how to scale your business to create the wealth and the freedom that you deserve.”

Kevin Harrington
Kevin is the original “Shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and serial best-selling author.

Upscale your Lifestyle with The Most Powerful Scaling Mastermind On The Planet!

The Elev8™ Mastermind and programs teach the secrets of scaling from 8-Figure lifestyle entrepreneurs. Global leading scaling experts Kane and Alessia Minkus and Jessica Shelley have partnered with some of the world’s most successful serial entrepreneurs to bring you the most powerful scaling mastermind on the planet.

This power team has scaled hundreds of companies globally, and has built multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses themselves. For the first time ever, they have systematically decoded and broken down the very components of their success in order to share it with you.

We share with you the exact systems you need to implement to Elev8™ your business, while creating your five-star lifestyle!
Elev8 Team
Roland Frasier
“If there is one thing I have learned in my journey as a serial entrepreneur it is that you have to be ready to learn fast from those that are already crushing it. Kane, Alessia, and Jessica can help you build an 8-figure business”

Roland Frasier
Roland is a serial entrepreneur who has facilitated over 100 private and public offerings and has been a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest brands, including Microsoft, FedEx, and Uber.


Most entrepreneurs go into business with the desire to create more time and economic freedom for themselves and their loved ones. They want to become their own boss and step away from the corporate environment or from being dependent on a job. Sadly, what they often find is that they have created not only one job, but multiple jobs for themselves in the process of running their company. Statistically, most entrepreneurs would make more money and have more free time working for someone else. They become bottlenecks to their own growth and find themselves overwhelmed by the task that lies ahead of them. The good news is that this is completely avoidable.

What is lacking from this picture is a time-proven scaling system. The Elev8™ methodology is a sophisticated set of systems that we have decoded over two decades of scaling 7- and 8-figure companies across different industries and markets. Elev8™ reinvents the blueprint of running a successful company and helps entrepreneurs regain control of their business, and equally importantly, their lifestyle.


The Elev8™ 8-Figure Lifestyle Business Blueprint™ focuses on fundamentally improving the eight-core business functions needed to sustainably scale a business. We have decoded the very systems that have allowed us to repeatedly scale successful companies all over the world, regardless of the macroeconomic environment. The blueprint enables entrepreneurs to leverage resources they already have to create more with less:

More profits, more time for themselves and their loved ones, more impact and more joy.

Less stress, frustration, anxiety and fear.

At Elev8™, we are passionate about creating a better life for entrepreneurs, and the communities they serve. We know that building scalable companies creates job opportunities, generational wealth and social impact and we are proud to help entrepreneurs create their vision while building an incredible lifestyle in the process.


We’ve all heard and understood that “what got you here won’t get you there”. Yet most entrepreneurs try to grow and scale by doing “more of the same”. In the vast majority of cases, this is not an effective strategy. The strategies and toolbox that got you to your first 5 and 6-figure business will not be effective in scaling to a 7-, or 8-figure company. This is where many business owners start to feel frustrated and even hopeless.

The 8-Figure Lifestyle Business Blueprint™ is a result of years of decoding the proven blueprint to build a sustainable, scalable and salable 8-figure company, while creating a five-star lifestyle.

“You absolutely can create an 8-figure business using the Elev8™ Blueprint, and you couldn’t be following better people. The Elev8™ team has figured it out, implemented it, and can model it for you.”

Bari Baumgardner
Bari is the founder and CEO of SAGE Event Management, America’s foremost event-planning company, and the secret behind several of the world’s largest and most profitable virtual events.
Bari Baumgardner

How we empower you to create the business and lifestyle you always wanted.


We decoded the eight key pillars you need to master to achieve your 8-figure business lifestyle.

Elev8 Scalling Pillars

The Elev8™ Mastemind decodes the blueprint for an 8-figure lifestyle business that serves you. Our blueprint encompasses the unique know-how and successful techniques developed by a powerhouse of recognized and accomplished mentors.

The Elev8™ 8-Pillar Lifestyle Business Blueprint™ is the first of its kind. Its implementation will allow you to scale your business, expand your reach, impact more people, and be more profitable.

Elev8™ is about you learning how to rapidly and sustainably scale while creating a great lifestyle for yourself in your business. And there has never been a better time to do this!

“Kane, Alessia, and Jessica help people all over the world work where they want when they want while growing 8-figure businesses and they work with some of the greatest names in the industry.”

Charles Byrd
Charles is the Founder and CEO of PureJV and featured in Forbes, ABC News, the Science of Success, is one of America’s leading experts in Joint Ventures.
Charles Byrd
What drives us?

Our belief is that every business owner deserves an extraordinary lifestyle, while making a bigger impact!

Since 2006, we have travelled to 32 countries, delivered over 2000 presentations and trained over 3 Million Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to align their passion and vision with highly effective strategies. Our Senior Advisory Dream Team has collectively generated over $6 Billion in revenue through hundreds of companies and products.

Elev8™’s Eight-Figure Lifestyle Business Blueprint™ is specially designed for 6 and 7-figure business owners to implement proven techniques and strategies to achieve an 8-figure impact and lifestyle.

You do make a big difference in the world with an eight-figure model
John Assaraf
What the team, Kane, Alessia, and Jessica have put together is world-class. They will help you do the right things, in the right order, at the right time – which will save you tons of time, money – and more than that – heartache!

John Assaraf
John is a world-leading behavior expert, Founder & CEO of NeuroGym, and two-time New York best-selling author

“Everything that Kane, Alessia, and Jessica do is world-class and provides enormous value. They share time-tested, proven secrets of how to scale your business using the 8-Figure Lifestyle Business Blueprint™.”

Scott Hallman
Scott is the Founder of two Inc.500 list of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies, with a market value of nearly $1B. He’s a past advisor/partner of industry leaders such as Tony Robbins, Chet Holms, and Jay Abraham.
Scott Hallman

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